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Standard package’s

(Please note that this is the standard packages.
If the event is held during lunch hours it is recommended to extend the food and beverage order because of the fact that people tend to eat more during those hours.)

50 pax from €800 + iva

Cocktail tables – 3 pcs
Rectangular table 180cm and cloth – 1 pcs
Ashtray – 3 pcs
Wine glass – 40 pcs
Champagne glass – 20 pcs
Canapés – 5 variation, 5 pcs /person
Ice & buckets
Waiters – 3 persons (5h, including 1h setup)
Beverage pack – Cava, white wine, red wine, beer, water, soft drinks

100 pax from €1600 + iva

Cocktail tables – 6 pcs
Rectangular table 180cm and cloth – 1 pcs
Ashtray – 6 pcs
Wine glass – 80 pcs
Champagne glass – 4o pcs
Canapés – 5 variation, 5 pcs /person
Ice & buckets
Waiters – 4 persons (5h, including 1h setup)
Beverage  – cava, white wine, red wine, beer water, soft drinks

-Breakfast package-
50 pax €650 + iva 

Coffee/ The
Mini sandwich
Yogurt musli/ fruits
Fresh fruit
Glasses – 40
Coffee cups – 25
Buffet tables – 2
Cocktail table – 3
Waiters – 2

Canapé / Finger food:

Melon and bellota ham
Watermelon, cured ham, feta cheese and mint
Chorizo on skewer
Crispy bread with tapenade and manchego
Sushi maki rolls
Toast skagen
Blinis with trout caviar and creme fraiche
Smoked duck with roasted red peppers and dried onion
Smoked salmon, cottage cheese, and rocket rolls
Smoked salmon with croutons, Remoulade, and horseradish
Smoked salmon, asparagus, and cream cheese wraps
Marinated salmon (gravlax) with mustard sauce
Creme of gorgonzola mixed up with strips of roast beef
Blue cheese with grapes
Selection of spring rolls with dips
Pizza crackers with tomato tartar
Nachos with a taste of Mexican veg tartar
Swedish meatballs with pickled cucumber
Amazing mini burger (sliders)
Gratinated petit mushroom Crackers
Mini beef steak tartar on a garlic rcoûte with bearnaise sauce
Mozzarella balls, sun-dried tomatoes, and basil leaves
Roquefort and peach bruschetta
Chicken satay pinchitos with peanut sauce
Crostini with smoked bacon, aubergine, and toasted pine nuts
Mini cherry tomato and goat cheese tartlets
Crab meat with sesame oil and mayo
Thai prawns with sweet chili dipping sauce
Herb chicken wrapped in serrano and served with aioli
Foie Gras on raisin cracker and red marmalade

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